Charter Gulets & Motor Yachts in Turkey

Charter Gulets & Motor Yachts in Turkey

Charter Gulets & Motor Yachts

Individuals want to get away from the stressful life by making various holiday plans. Accordingly, gulet yacht charter or motor yacht charter in Turkey is the leading most advantageous method to relieve stress. No individual can say no to a comfortable and calming cruise. Holidays can become much more enjoyable with a correctly selected yacht. By determining which regions to vacation in, you can have the chance to see the desired places.

What is the Gulet Yacht Charter?

Gulet yacht charter in Turkey is the main the most preferred boat in Turkey.  Gulet is defined as a traditional wooden yacht built in Bodrum or Marmaris, on the southwest coast of Turkey. One of the traditional wooden boats, the gulet is the most ideal boat type for a blue cruise in Turkey. With its wide rounded stern, the gulet has been designed in such a way that it offers the opportunity to continue daily life comfortably. Gulets are between 20-30 meters in length and can accommodate 6-24 people. It is both motorized and sailed at the same time.

The Most Ideal Type of Boat for a Blue Cruise in Turkey Gulets.

With the gulet charter in Turkey alternative, it is possible to have a perfect holiday on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. Wooden gulets are produced in the southwestern regions of Turkey, with Bodrum in the first place. Therefore, the Bodrum gulet charter option has gained popularity among domestic and foreign tourists over time. In addition, with the Marmaris gulet charter alternative, you can explore the lush green coves of the perfect holiday destination, or with the Fethiye gulet charter alternative, historical and natural beauties such as Ölüdeniz, Kaş, and Kalkan can be explored.

What is Motor Yacht Charter?

Motor yachts are among the yachts that give a comfortable feeling in general. Motor yachts range in length from 33 to 130 feet (10 to 40 meters), before becoming superyachts or megayachts that are over 40 meters long. At the same time, motor yacht models differ in terms of use, style, and hull form. Diesel engines are generally used in motor yachts. Because of their power-to-weight ratio, gasoline-powered engines are preferred in outboards and racing boats. And in addition to these, motor yacht cabins are generally similar to suite hotels.

What are the Advantages of Motor Yacht Charter?

  • Motor yachts have the ability to move much faster through their high-speed engines on them. Since the speed factor is not dependent on a variable elements such as wind, they can continue on the road without any problems by keeping their speed constant.
  • These yachts generally have a crew alternative. However, if the individuals who will charter a motor yacht in Turkey have a license to use a yacht, the option of renting without a crew can be preferred.
  • Chartering a motor yacht in Turkey is the best option for individuals who want to go to the bays and islands as soon as possible instead of spending most of their journey in the sea.