Gallipoli is a peninsula located in the northwestern part of Turkey, close to the Aegean Sea. It is known for an important World War I battle that took place there in 1915-1916.

The Gallipoli campaign was an attempt by the Allied forces to seize the Dardanelles Strait, which would have allowed them to open a supply route to Russia and break the stalemate on the Eastern Front. However, the campaign ultimately failed, resulting in a heavy loss of life for both sides.

The battle was fought between the Allied forces, mainly made up of troops from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the Ottoman Empire. It was characterized by intense fighting, harsh living conditions, and disease epidemics. Over the course of the campaign, an estimated 130,000 soldiers were killed or wounded, with most casualties occurring among the Allied forces.


Though the Gallipoli campaign was ultimately unsuccessful, it remains an important event in the history of Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey. It is remembered in the former two countries as an important coming-of-age moment in their national consciousness, while in Turkey, it is seen as a heroic defense against foreign aggression.



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